Xenia Hotel Collection


Each of our properties is unique in its kind, having the personality and authenticity of historic Palaces that reflect a tradition of the places, and characteristics of the city being an important part of the history. Staying within the facilities of Xenia Hotels Collection promises a full immersion into history and tradition, experiencing your stay in an atmosphere of its past splendor, without compromising on contemporary comfort.

The name Xenia derives from the ancient greek ξενία, Xènia, which is an ancient name for gifts bestowed on a guest in general, and has a common meaning of welcoming a stranger and hospitality itself. The philosophy of Xenia Hotels Collection was born from its name, and that is the desire to make every guest feel unique on their voyage and make them feel at home.

Palazzo Guicciardini


Being part of the XHC team means having passion for hospitality and enthusiasm to give the best service to customers, placing them at the center of your work, constantly focusing on continuous satisfaction of their specific needs.

For this reason, we are always on the lookout for staff, in various capacities, to add to our Team as we strongly believe that through training and continuous growth you would be able to develop your skills and contribute to the growth of our team.

We invite you to send us your CV and we will get in touch with you as soon as the requested position becomes available.

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Palazzo Roselli Cecconi

Social Responsibility

Minimizing the environmental impact is part of our mission, so the structures are oriented towards environmental sustainability by maximally reducing energy consumption, installing all components with low-energy LED lighting and the latest generation of air-conditioning systems.